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colin farrell nude

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colin farrell nude [Jan. 11th, 2009|06:21 am]
colin farrell nude

Colin Farrell has created buzz in the film industry. It is said that he has stripped and danced for Hollywood beauty Salma Hawk on the set of their movie ‘Ask The Dust’ so she would not be nervous about posing nude on screen.

why do actresses insist on showing up in nude scenes?

I just saw the movie ask the dust, where Salma Hayek was performing nude inone of its scenes before colin farrell, I also watched that movie of the Breakup and Jennifer Aniston also showed her back, in Troy Diane Kruger did the same, not forgetting young Scarlette Johanson alongside kiera Knightly showing their full bodies in an erotic picture on the cover of Vanity Fair mag. and many many others...
May i ask why do they need to do that? Don't they realize how cheap they become when they expose all this amount of skin?
where are the feminists? what are they good for?
does any of you guys disagree with me? if so tell me what do u think?

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